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Management & Consultancy

Our team of experts will help you maximise your spa revenue.

Spa Management

If you are looking to create a unique spa with specialised management in customer service and spa facilities, our team of professionals can assist you today.


Our team of experts will help you maximise your spa revenue.

Our Projects

Serenity Spa
Ayana Spa
Iris Wellness & Spa
Bay Spa


  • Design Visuals
  • Logo and Identity, Photography and Filming
  • Concept Design
  • Graphic Design and Production
  • Development of Interior Designs
  • Building Plan
  • Architectural Plan
  • Final Layout Plan
  • Retail Concept
  • Client Objectives
  • Spa Concept
  • Staff Structure and Cost
  • Presentation of Brands
  • Market
  • Brand Objectives
  • Specialised Furniture
  • Marketing
  • Lighting Scheme, Profitability
  • Cost Evaluation
  • Final Lighting Plan and Security
  • Online Pre-Launch Media and Website
  • Specialised Training
  • Retail Concept
  • Technical Specialist Information
  • Ceiling Specialist Development
  • Recruitment of Staff
  • Creation of Treatments Menu

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